Looking to Scholarship Boys that are interested in Dance! Please contact us if this is you...

Beyond The Beat Dance Studio

*All Packets expire 2 Months from Purchase Date.

*Students that are absent for more than 4 Months will have to pay renewal Registration fee of $25.00.

*There will be a $25.00 Late fee if Classes are not Paid for upfront.

* Each Hour is an additional Charge to your dance packets.

*Ballet Classes have a Dress Code, Please Check with your Instructor.

*Dance Supplies are Available to purchase at BTB Dance by Appointment ONLY.

Class Fees:

$15.00 Drop In

$55.00 Packet of 4 Hours

$82.00 Packet of 6 Hours

$108.00 Packet of 8 Hours

$135.00 Packet of 10 Hours

Unlimited Class Packages:

$265.00 Per Month

Private Lesson Fees (55 Min Each):

$65.00 for 1 Lesson

$310.00 for 5 Lessons

$600. for 10 Lessons

$25.00 Annual Registration Fee Per Family

Family & Sibling Discounts:

*Unlimited Discounts: $320.00 Per Month for 2 Siblings

*Class Packets: $5.00 off Second Sibling Package of 4,6 & 8.

$10. off Package of 10.